Welcome to Sanctuary Deliverance

We are a faith based group that was formed from very experienced core team of people who regularly deal with negative or dangerous entities, problematic hauntings and demonic manifestations.   Most are members of a well established paranormal research group’s special response team that dealt with these type of situations on a weekly basis for years.   They have worked together on hundreds of cases all over NJ, PA, DE, NY and MD.


What We Do:

For the Public:  We are here to help the general public with problematic, difficult or dangerous hauntings and preternatural issues through faith based solutions.   All our services are free.   We

For Paranormal Researchers:  We assist ghost hunters, investigators and paranormal teams with cases that they may not be experienced enough or equipped to handle.   We can work with you or take over a case for you.   We also offer training classes on preternatural types of activity and hauntings so you can gain some basic knowledge of this type of negative paranormal activity.


  • House Blessings
  • Consultations and Onsite Evaluations
  • Deliverance Ministry
  • Lectures and Classes


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